Long-Distance Auto Transport: What You Need To Know

What is long-distance car transportation?

When you ship a car a long way—across a wide state, over state lines, across the country, or even internationally—you are engaging in long-distance auto shipping. For you, the customer, the top long-distance auto shipping companies provide full-service, door-to-door auto shipping alternatives that streamline the vehicle transfer procedure.

Rapid Auto Shipping

When you require long-distance auto service, search for businesses like Rapid Auto Shipping that have a track record for delivering vehicles across great distances in a safe, secure, and timely manner. The advantages of shipping a car with the proper business significantly exceed any potential drawbacks.

Long-Distance Car Transport Benefits 

It was challenging to condense the advantages of long-distance Car shipping compared to other delivery methods into a manageable list. However, we made an effort to condense everything into a list of the top 7 advantages of long-distance Vehicle Transport.

1. You get to save time.

2. You avoid paying for gas, hotel, and other expenditures associated with relocating an automobile oneself.

3. It protects your car from mileage increases, additional wear and tear, and potential damage while you’re driving.

4. Particularly if you select a door-to-door car transfer service, it is highly effective and useful.

5. In a matter of seconds, you can delegate the work of scheduling a shipment to someone else.

6. You can shield a vintage or cherished car from the elements and road debris with enclosed long-distance car shipping.

7. In comparison to other methods of moving a car, it frequently offers better overall value.

What Services do Long-Distance Car Transport Companies Offer?

When you need to ship an automobile, long-distance transport companies offer a combination of efficiency, convenience, and safety. Most businesses provide basic enclosed hauling for increased protection as well as basic open hauling for long-distance auto shipping.

And with a premier business like Rapid Auto Shipping, you can get assistance organizing moving services and international transport as well as specialized long-distance car transportation services for anything from golf carts to priceless antiques.

You may be thinking that everything is fine at this point. But what is the price of long-distance transportation?

How much does it cost for a long-distance auto shipping?

The price of long-distance auto shipping is determined by a number of factors. For instance, the size and weight of the car, the real shipping distance, the route followed during transportation, and the price of fuel at the time.

Your choice of shipping service has an impact as well. Specialized shipping options including enclosed auto transport, pick-up assurance, and rapid car shipping are more expensive than the common open automobile transport. Demand is another factor that may impact the price. The cost increases when more automobiles are transported along a specific route.

How long does it take for long-distance car transportation?

Long-distance car transportation typically travels several hundred miles every day. Depending on how far they have to go, it can take them longer or shorter to deliver your car. If your car needs to be transported a great distance, it can take a week or even more than a day. If the pick-up or delivery locations are far away from a city, it can take much longer.

Other elements that could impact the timeline include:

Number of stops

flow of traffic

weather circumstances


building of roads

a lot of traffic

Additionally, the Department of Transportation has established a limit of 70 hours per week that a truck driver may lawfully spend driving. This is another factor that impacts how long it takes for long-distance car transportation.