How do I ship a car from Copart In 2022?

At times, the Copart Auto Shipping Online Car Auction offers fantastic savings. Both new and used cars, as well as wholesale vehicles, are available for purchase. However, failing to comprehend the price of shipping a car from its place might severely damage your finances.

transporting a salvaged car

To be clear, they do have a Copart Auto shipping option of their own that makes use of independent carriers. However, the costs are rather significant. It’s easy to understand why. They are not a transporter; they are an auto auction company. Just like a broker, they advertise vehicles on the national boards, but instead of going through the bother of finding a low price, they would list it for hundreds more than it should be in order to obtain a carrier right away. They are not making a lot of effort to mitigate that task. Fast pickup is the outcome, but you lose hundreds of dollars. Each penny counts since bidding can be fiercely competitive. Additional Copart Auto shipping expenses might rapidly put a dealer in the red. An example of a Copart vehicle transport quote that is double the actual cost is from Miami to Los Angeles.

Make sure you are placing your bid at the spot that is nearest to you because the distance will always have an impact on the pricing. Making sure you bid close to you will help you save the most money whether you use their alternatives or choose us to send it. It’s sometimes impossible to prevent the right car from being at the farthest auction. Before you begin placing bids, you may use our calculator to find out how much the various sites will cost.


It’s crucial that you completely prepare for the process before shipping from Copart. You may save time and money by putting some thought into your preparation. The advice provided below will point you in the correct way.

Make Payment: Prior to vehicle pickup at Copart car auctions, full payment is required.

Avoid Storage Fees: If a vehicle is not picked up within 5 days after purchase, Copart Car Transport will impose a storage fee.

Make sure to communicate with your service provider as you prepare for pickup. Send them any paperwork they might require in order to pick up the car.

Schedule Delivery: Give your service provider specific delivery instructions. This facilitates expedited vehicle delivery.


Depending on a number of variables, copart shipping costs might range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Prices for transporting a salvaged car are typically higher than shipping a standard car since more work must be put into it. Additionally, the cost of the car increases with distance.

Use an auto shipping company to transport your vehicle from Copart

It’s time to make plans now that you are aware that using a car shipping business like ours will be less expensive. You can begin the procedure of having the car sent when you’ve won the auction and received your costs, as described above. Be ready to transport your car. Make sure you decide if you want Copart to mail you the vehicle title or if the driver will take it for you. You have just three days to pick up a car. In the world of auto shipping, that’s not much time at all, so as soon as you win the auction, reserve your Copart vehicle shipping. To avoid unpleasant surprises, be aware of how long the process will take.

We handle all kinds of Copart Transportation

We are well-known to many of the auctions and have handled hundreds of shipments from Copart. Whether it’s running or not, we handle it all effectively and safely. However, if your car is a non-runner that lacks wheels, a key, or is in some other way immobilized. Please call us anytime. Everything has been switched from standard automobiles to shells that are barely more than a frame and a few pieces.