Different Solutions of Power Shortage

Power Shortage

Power outage has almost drastically hit the whole world. We just can comprehend how deeply and gravely we are endangered by the power shortage. We have been suffering with sleeplessness during late nights never know exactly the schedule of power outages. It is just frequent and destroys our whole plannings for the day. No one gives a care about building an energy-solution whether it’s some kind of Solar Solutions or energy powerplants. Students have also reported in the Tribune Express that due to frequent loadshedding, they are unable to concentrate on studies. And it doesn’t just stop here, we have to deal a lot more problems that are beyond our comprehension.

Especially, the rural areas who have never tasted the true blessings of electricity. Because in the most of the areas, either there is no electricity. Or they are always having the frequent power shortage complaints registering them to the electricity council. But no one there listens to them. They can’t even bear the any sort of powerplant or buy diesel generators for themselves. And they can do nothing but to stay in the dark, live a tasteless dimmed life. Because they are the part of that poor society about what people never care.

Solutions to Overcome Energy Crises

Conventional methods of producing electricity energy through the use of non-renewable resources involve a lengthy process that often takes between five and ten years to complete. This process is known as “long term.” In addition to this, we ought to implement any and all alternative strategies for conserving energy and generating electricity through renewable resources in order to get Pakistan out of its energy crisis. Energy Solutions such as solar-energy, hydropower, wind-energy, geothermal-energy, and biomass-energy are examples of clean and sustainable energy alternatives.

1 Solar Energy

Solar energy refers to all forms of energy that are derived from the sun. Directly or indirectly, solar energy can be utilized for human purposes. These solar panels, mounted on a rooftop, convert solar energy into electricity. They can be one of the biggest solutions to counter the power shortage. And we see that now most of the people are applying it on their rooftops as well. Because it is long-lasting, and easy to operate. And easily working in almost all sorts of regions – because the sun shines in all parts of the world.

2 Hydropower

Hydropower, often known as hydroelectric power, is a sustainable energy source. People have used it over a millennium. It creates electricity by directing the natural flow of water in a river. This widely known method can benefit the regions which are attached with the lakes, dams, or sea waves. As they can avail it in the cheaper rate to produce electricity for them. This has never been a failure or expensive. Widely used and can even overcome the increasing rate of power shortage in multiple areas.

3 Wind Energy

Have you ever seen the wind turbines rotating like the giant fans? Yeah, they are the sources of wind energy and they can convert the wind energy into the electricity. They are adjacent inside with complex mechanism. Which keeps them alive and helps them convert wind power into electrical energy. This source can also be applied to the extreme windy regions to overcome the shortage of electricity as per the community usages.

4 Geothermal Energy

The warmth that is generated deep inside the Earth’s core is the main source of geothermal energy. Geothermal energy is indeed an asset that is both clean and renewable. Once it is tapped, it can be used to generate both heat and power. In simple terms, heat that is produced deep below the earth is referred to as geothermal energy. Which can be converted to electricity using adequate mechanism. Geothermal energy can be one of the other main solutions to overcome the power shortage in multiple areas.

5 Biomass Energy

We know that every region is enriched with their natural fuels. Using them in effective way can bring a change in the society’s behaviors. If not, they are either going get stuck in the places and eventually will travel to another place. As several studies discuss that if a fossil fuel is to be extracted out at the right time. If not, then there is a high possibility that it will just travel to elsewhere as layers-of-lands are always moving. These natural sources as such coal, charcoal, wood or many others can be burned to produce electricity. Which after all is a way out of frequent power shortages.

Final Words

Summarizing whole discussion of multiple solutions that can easily be built to overcome the electricity shortage all over the world. This blog underlines the main solutions. Such as: Solar energy, Hydropower Energy, wind energy geothermal energy, and biomass energy. They are all the kinds of sustainable energy solutions that can be applied to overcome power shortage. In this blog, we have discussed how electrical energy can be produced. How can you easily encounter the power shortages at your home as well as in your community. And what are the sources that will help you to overcome electricity shortage. So, this blog-post is a mixture of everything that you have ever-wanted – deep-structured-information of the sources, and load-shedding solutions.