A Complete Guide for Preventing and Treating Birth Defects

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If you’re facing fertility issue and planning to get pregnant through treatment or already pregnant without treatment or planning normal pregnancy you should know about the possibility of birth abnormalities. While not all birth abnormalities may be avoided, several components of prenatal care can help safeguard your baby. If your kid has a birth defect or fetal ailment, there are current therapies that have transformed their capacity to live and develop.

Dr. Head of the Center for Fetal Therapy in the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics explains how to prevent, diagnose, and cure birth abnormalities.

Defects in the womb can

Prenatal care and understanding of previous or current situations can help prevent some birth abnormalities.

natal care Prenatal vitamins with at least 400 mcg of folic acid daily can help avoid birth abnormalities. Prenatal vitamins should be taken if you are of reproductive age, are actively attempting to conceive, or are pregnant. Aside from taking a prenatal vitamin, avoiding alcohol, cigarettes, and illicit substances can dramatically reduce the risk of birth abnormalities.

Recognizing previous or present events

 If you previously experienced a birth defect, finding out the causes might help your doctor plan preventive steps for your next pregnancy. For example, if your prior pregnancy had spina bifida, you can take a high amount of foliate to help avoid repeat diagnoses.

Are all birth abnormalities found before birth?

Not all birth abnormalities can be detected in utero. However, high-resolution ultrasounds performed by professional prenatal ultrasound organizations can detect serious problems before delivery.

A nuchal translucency scan is recommended between 11 and 14 weeks and an anatomy scan between 18 and 20 weeks, according to Doctor at the Center for Fetal Therapy. These two ultrasounds provide us the highest chance of finding birth defects.”

There is now a maternal screening blood test for Down syndrome, so some expectant women are skipping the first-trimester ultrasound. But ultrasound is still advised since many other major birth abnormalities can be found this early in pregnancy.

Can a baby be treated for birth abnormalities in utero?


 While there are several birth abnormalities, it is critical to treat those that affect the baby’s key organs. The Center for Fetal Therapy focuses on treating fetal problems such as:

Diaphragmatic hernia

 It is possible to enhance lung function and survival rates by performing fetoscopic endotracheal occlusion during pregnancy.

Obstruction of the ureter

When urine cannot escape the fetus’ body, it damages the kidneys permanently. Preventing this blockage protects the kidneys.

There are fetal therapies for illnesses that make the infant sick but are not deemed birth defects. If a fetus has an abnormal heartbeat, you can treat the mother and the fetus at the same time.

How effective are in utero fetal treatments?

Prenatal treatment improves fetal survival and reduces the need for postnatal major surgery. For example, in twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, identical twins have a blood volume imbalance and both newborns might die. Laser surgery in pregnancy has a 95% likelihood of saving at least one kid.

“Where fetal interventions are available, we observe a considerably greater percentage of survival for afflicted fetuses,” says Doctor.

Will a baby born following fetal surgery require special care?

It depends on the patient’s condition and the procedure conducted. All fetal procedures must be performed in a hospital with pediatric subspecialties so that postnatal care may be administered. Many of our therapies TCM Singapore need patients to deliver at a top multispecialty hospital like The Hospital, adds Doctor. In this manner, you may get prenatal and postnatal care all in one place.”

Will all of your children have the same birth defect if one has it?

The birth defect will not affect all future offspring, but it will depend on the source. If the birth abnormality was caused by a genetic mutation, you may be at increased risk for recurrence, although expert centers can help you determine future risk.

Genetic testing can predict the risk of some illnesses before you get pregnant. Maternal-fetal medicine professionals and genetic counselors can genetically screen your fetus throughout pregnancy to discover whether it has the same mutation as your prior kid.

Is there a place where you may meet other parents whose children have birth defects?

There are several online forums for parents, whether on the web or social media. At our facility, we reach out to former patients to determine whether they are interested in connecting with new patients.” Doctor says. Their empathy is not limited to the specific birth abnormality, but also to the experience of working with our center during the pregnancy and after the baby is delivered.

What future advancements will there be in prenatal disease treatment?

Prenatal diagnosis and fetal illness understanding help clinicians learn more about what damages and benefit the fetus before birth. Also, new uses for minimally invasive surgical tools are always emerging.

There are also stem cell therapies, genomic medicine, and other treatments for both children and adults. These may one day apply to the fetus.

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