Things Women Really Want In The Bedroom & Beyond

What do women desire in bed & how to fulfill them

Women want to experience this mind-blowing experience while making love with or without a partner. And, does it happen all the time you get involved in the? Maybe not, or many times. But not always, and many women never even reach that level. But there are ways with the help which one who never gets it will start to get it, and those who miss that overwhelmingly exciting, relaxing experience often will also begin to get it more frequently.

Some things can add up to your love life that needs a spark and make you get that most desired pleasure of extreme level. Women want to reach orgasm with their loved ones, or sometimes in their solo times too. 

What is orgasm anyway? 

It’s all psychological pleasure sought by intense sexual activity, making your body release tension through the way of the vagina. It is that lovemaking period where your heart starts beating faster than usual, muscles tighten, and a rhythmic movement in other regions of your genitals with or without your partner. There are ways in which women can easily enhance their chances of receiving orgasms with just a little bit of additions or subtractions. These additions may be some tools of love like a or any other, opening your path to a more intense orgasm or can be self-stimulation or from a partner.

  • Here are some tips she wants from you: 

Pleasing her is easy; you only need to understand these few things. Along with your love, these steps will work as a magic potion. 

  1. Pamper her Body

Explore the sensitive zones of her body by moving your hands at different points of her body. Feel the sensual touch of your hands without any intention of giving an orgasm, but only pleasure is what you are going for. Please use a vibrator, massage her genitals with aromatic massage oil, and feel the difference that will help her reach the peak of your lovemaking.

  • Go Slow and Feel her

Don’t be in a hurry to get the climax; go slow, feel every touch of the moves you both make, and even if going single, try to get softness in her clitoris. To get an intense orgasm, try to gradually bring things to the extreme mode, then take up the speed. Give it a trial, and she will love this way of getting your orgasm.

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  • Foreplay Plays Major

It is imperative to start with foreplay, even if you are going to go along with your small partner, the vibrator. An extended foreplay session will make your brain release more oxytocin, thus making it easy to go intense. Go with sexy love gestures, cuddle, hug, or caress each other at the sensitive zones of each each-others body. The foreplay will increase the level of excitement and thus help in getting the desired orgasm.

  • The Erotic Role Play

Explore her fantasies and see how and what exactly they want for themselves with their partner. Take a role play, go naughty tonight, and tease him with the floggers, hand-cuff, or any other tool. The ultimate goal is to get satisfaction filled with fun. Be his naughty nurse in a nurse babydoll dress or a French maid ready to serve the master as per his wish. Be a cat out on the street to catch her prey in a black catsuit. Find the wild side of your character. Take the fun being the Cat on Prey.

  • Sex toys do help

Not to mention here that a vibrator (or any sex toy) can be an excellent friend when it comes to giving her a proper massage to all her internal organs. Activating all her internal tissues to the deepest and preparing you for the next level without being shy will help. This will give you that fabulous orgasm even when you are with your partner, as it will help you in arousal.

While going single with your vibrator, one can use the nipple clamps, adding to your orgasm in blended formTake the overflowing gushing orgasm in a different style when going single.

  • Don’t forget to lube

If there is any dryness or lack of sensitivity in her genitals, you need to add some extra lubrication to your opening. Lube will reduce dryness and make the moments easy and smoother. So don’t wait for the right time to come. Just go for it and escalate her sensuality, whether it is a partnered play or with your vibrator—both ways, it will make you reach your orgasm.

Are you still confused about how you will do all this to get your orgasm? Then it’s nothing but preparing your mind to reach your orgasm satisfyingly. Don’t think much; feel free to go how you want, communicate with your partner, and guide them to go at your erogenous points and break the barriers. Fantasize about how you would like to go for a sex ride or if you want to play your game of love tonight. Plan some erotic play and be his master, making her man love her the way she wants and gets the most unforgettable orgasm tonight. Go wild with sex toys. Suppose you want extra, then go a little extra. Have a happy time ahead.