Which is Bigger Between and A Basketball

basketball court

Basketball is a ball game played by two teams on a rectangular basketball court. Each team has 5 players who can pass, throw, shoot, roll or dribble the ball in any direction. The purpose is to throw the basketball into the opponent’s basket. Score and prevent the opposing team from gaining possession or scoring. So which one is bigger, the 5th basketball or the 7th basketball? Let’s talk about it. Sports direct NHS discount code



  1. Basketball specifications: seven basketballs, six basketballs, five basketballs, three basketballs.
  2. A size 7 basketball is bigger than a size 5 basketball, and numerically, a size 7 is larger than a size 5.
  3. The circumference of a size 7 basketball is 75-76cm, while the circumference of a size 5 basketball is 69-71cm

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Children playing basketball should learn to hold the basketball with both hands and not kick the basketball with their feet

When the child is resting, the family must accompany the child to play. Some children like to play football with their feet, and some children also play basketball with their feet. Playing basketball with your feet is because basketball is different from football. Basketball is played with your hands, and football is played with your feet. Therefore, you must take good care of basketball.Jd Sports Discount Code NHS


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  • basketball court
  1. When children study at school, they read books. At home, children have their own time to play. Some children like to play basketball, so family members have to play with their children.
  2. There are no rules for playing basketball. Shoot the basketball with your hands, hold the basketball with your hands, and shoot the basketball with your hands. It is different from professional basketball, but it is all played in the basket of the basketball court.
  3. When playing basketball, you should play on the basketball court. If the basketball slips out of the court, the child will run to pick up the basketball, so that the child knows that he cannot play the basketball with his feet.
  4. When playing basketball, family members cannot play basketball. Children see their family members also play basketball and think that basketball can be played like football, which is not good for children’s legs.
  5. When children play basketball with their feet, it is easy to tilt their feet and throw away their shoes. This is because the large inflatable feet of basketballs can easily hurt the legs or feet.


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Basketball Clubs Share Basketball Knowledge

Basketball is a sport that has swept the world. Blood, passion and vitality are synonymous with basketball. Friends who like basketball, do you know all about basketball knowledge? Learn the basics of basketball with me.

Basketball Court

The basketball playing field is a rectangular solid plane with a length of 28 meters and a width of 15 meters. The horizontal line drawn from the midpoint of the sideline and parallel to the end line is called “center line”. Center of the centerline is a circle with a radius of 1.8 meters. It’s called “middle circle Sports Direct Discount Code NHS

Basketball Midfield Player

Most basketball teammates have about 15 people, 5 people play in the official game, and the rest are substitutes. Basically divided into: point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, center.

Introduction of the players in the Basketball Game

  1. Point guard: The person who has the most chances to get the ball on the court is the organizer of the team’s offense. A good basketball point guard must have good passing ability and athleticism.
  2. Shooting guard: The perimeter is accurate and stable, and the shot speed should be fast. The shooting guard is often shot by his teammates to help him find the neutral position, and the score is equal, so the overall cooperation of the entire basketball team should be very close.
  3. Small Forward: The most important scorer on a basketball team, whose only goal is to score, usually from a distance. Small forwards can also serve as shooting guards.
  4. Power forward: Usually the power forward is the one who grabs the most rebounds in the entire game, so it can be said that the power forward is the one with the highest shooting percentage in the entire basketball team.
  5. Center: A good center can be said to be “multi-talented” and is the hub of the entire basketball team. The shooting percentage and the ability to guide the ball are very good.

Basketball Game Results

The basketball game is a teamwork game, and teammates cannot be neglected in order to show individual ability. There are good and bad results in the game, don’t vent your bad emotions on your teammates.